The Peace of the Rosary- Find Serenity in Prayer

Great glory in heaven, special protection and the plentitude of God’s graces is promised to those who pray the Rosary everyday. However, these are not the only reasons you should be praying the Rosary to Mary…

Modern life has become hectic, it is becoming harder to switch off and focus on what is important to us. Praying the Rosary will leave you with a clear mind and calming presence in your everyday life. It has been said that meditation can leave you in greater control of your emotions, decrease stress and lead to making better life decisions. All whilst becoming closer to God, there is no downside!


So how do I pray the Rosary?

To pray the Rosary you follow the beads around the chain reciting the mysteries from the lives of Mary and Jesus. There are different mysteries to pray about depending on the day of the week.

There are 20 mysteries in total, 5 in each decade:

Mondays & Saturdays= The Joyful Mysteries

Tuesdays & Fridays= The Sorrowful Mysteries

Wednesdays & Sundays= The Glorious Mysteries

Thursdays= The Mysteries of Light 

  1. Hold your rosary and make the sign of the cross.
  2. Pray the Apostles’ Creed.
  3. On the first large bead pray the Our Father.
  4. On the next 3 small beads pray a Hail Mary then a Glory Be.
  5. Then depending on the day, announce your first mystery and meditate on that mystery, praying one Our Father.
  6. On each of the next 10 beads pray a Hail Mary then a Glory Be.
  7. Then announce the next mystery in the decade, continuing with Hail Mary’s on the small beads and the Glory Be when you get to the chain.
  8. Continue until the five mysteries have been said and say one Hail Holy Queen to finish.

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