A New Way to Connect- Bible Journaling

Bible journaling is a new trend in the Christian community. It’s a new way to connect with Gods word, reflecting on scripture and creating beautiful art.

So how do I get started?

For simple journaling you only need a Bible & pens/ pencils. If you want to expand your artwork you could pick up some tissue paper, Washi tape, paint... anything you feel creative with!

Your first journal

After collecting supplies you’re ready to start! If you’re not an avid Bible reader maybe start with John as recommended in our “How to read the Bible” blog post that can be found here...

Start reading scripture reflecting on the words, beginning to pick out key words that resonate with you & that you can imagine turning into an illustration.

It can be a daunting feeling making your first marks so outline with pencil first to practice your designs.

After this start adding colour, sticking collage etc you can do what ever takes your fancy!

Tried & Tested

As someone who struggles to connect with scripture sometimes, I found Bible journaling a great way to reflect on Gods teachings. I began with John, reading the passages until design ideas started forming in my imagination. I then began pencilling in a template, cutting out tissue paper and sticking it down. Upon reflection, it would have been better to put the design onto clear tissue paper to tape into my Bible instead of directly onto the pages of the Bible. However this Bible will now be solely a Bible for journaling & I’m happy how it turned out.


Even if you’re not a very artistic person expressing yourself can be a calming, enjoyable experience that can also lead to you improving your creative skills.

For some inspiration there are lots of pictures online from Bible journalers all over the world.

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